Sunday, 4 March 2012

Short Story SciFi Fiction: Love Stories and White Stripes

Love Stories and White Stripes

Our picture glows from the fusion lights behind it. You look at me so intensely. I wish I had been able to smile for the picture. I swear it was almost erased entirely by that time. You worked at it. Your ways so subtle, so persistent and convincing. Eventually I did laugh but it would be months after the photo, months of shaking off the disillusionment that took years to build. I am happy for us. Happy for myself for once.

The hydroponic system kicks in and release fine white mist onto the vegetables planted by you in tidy long rows. The way you like things. Even though you've never said it out loud the problem of water spots on the stainless steel still aggravates you. I can tell it is what you are thinking by the way you buzz around the edges of the trays. Your body language says there is still one more master stroke to make. It says life would be perfect then but really it never is. You are already perfect and you make me laugh. More perfect, you think. I think much the same of myself.

My desk is spotless. The suspended thin crystal panel hangs by air vacuum wire; its surface completely blank. The engineers wait for my next map. I can practically hear the toe tapping. This recent deadline is respectable but I have to start from zero again. Success is sometimes the biggest stressor. The landscapes I created for them were exactly what they were looking for and they wanted another. They requested a variant of the same. I imagine something in a solar flare, something a little hotter this time; like pepper fiddle sauce.

I voice command <SCREEN/ON>

The light in the room changes to blue; a custom modification to ease my eyes and aide creative process.

<TOUCH/VERSION1> I announce.

I reach for the space in front of me and begin to trace out the curves of the land that will be with my finger.

Earth expressed its last breath a while ago. The atmosphere released itself in a bang and the sun's radiation waved over its surface in one fast and final flash. The scientists at the time knew very well this end was on the way and inevitable. All the business funded propaganda and bribery did not alter the truth of destruction. The toxic garbage pile humans managed to create so successfully outgrew mother nature and Earth was laid to rest. The only positive was that almost all labeled 'environmental conspiracists' had left the planet. Well in advance of Earth's demise they began to invent atmosphere generators for the new target planet of Neptune. The generators fought the challenges of its temperature and unimaginable winds. They began to smuggle plant species to Neptune. They found success. It was the Great Exhale; oxygen and sustainable life on Neptune.

I find your love note beside the tea plant.


Yes, I think. I will do just that. I smile quietly, knowing you will appear in the teleport any second. I am not getting any work accomplished but no one will know any better. My heart picks up speed a little. Maybe a few more attempts at the landscape homework.

I create a smooth curve and add chakra colours to it in fuchsia and electric blues. I imagine a flame building and place it along the left side. I make trees rise in small lined groups. I colour them purple first but change my mind to gold. Gold oak trees of a historical nature tip their leaves as the slow, simulated-organic breeze strokes over their tops.

The scientist say the ice on Neptune is melting at the right speed and with the new atmosphere is providing a fine water source for oxygen particles. The ice is being heralded the foundation for survival. Plants are growing and the animals are establishing order.

Our pair of white tigers live quite contently below the twenty foot balcony built of lightweight suspension and amalgam metals. The builder's materials of choice for everything. The tigers hardly notice us or maybe just don't care that we are here. They are beautiful and every newly immigrated Neptunian is encouraged to provide habitat for some species. They are, as we, the last of their kind and are so beautifully deserving.

The technologies on Earth developed exponentially and synchronistically. When the final surmise arrived teleporters were active and reciprocal units placed at the new base. The manipulation of worm holes had been achieved. Earth would benefit the most from this achievement as willing persons could return to the plant and incite a reparation process. It was a very difficult pioneering but they did it.

Entrance sound plays and your beautiful face appears on my screen.
“Hello darling.” I say quietly as I look up from my project.
“How's travel?” I ask chirpily.
“Very well. I will be back soon.”

You smile. I smile. We sit and just look at each other through the screen.

“I have good stories to tell you about some progress we are making on the New Earth Plains. People are reacting positively towards the systems integration habitats. There is a lot of room for growth.”
“That's wonderful. You're so smart looking. When are you coming home?”

We both start laughing together. There are some things that will never be replaced with invention like breath and body heat and heart beat.

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There are three hundred and three mapped worm holes in our universe. They are all employed in space time travel. The calculations for time position fluctuations and gravitational crush are complete. Rebirth is possible heed the corrosion of clear ethics.

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  1. Nicely done Jonah! You have a good start here for a novel. Want more.

  2. Hey thanks Westcoast! Means alot coming from your brain :) Scifi hurts puppies brains. lol.