Sunday, 4 March 2012

BRANDED: A Poem for Cowboys

BRANDED: A Poem for Cowboys

Yippee Koi Yay.
It's Sunday and the sermons
Are Baptismal.

Cowboys on sandy plains
Cowgirls in braids
'You took my daddy an' now I'm mad'
A wild west
Down at the Hollywood set
Busting corsets
Those girls know all the secrets.

The best shooters have their horses stolen
The last straw Pardner
Silverado was the best
Mother's crying now
Can't efford to replace him.

The stage coaches blow up dust
Along the trail
None of your armed guards
Can halt real bandits
What you got in there that's of such importance?
A ruby to toss in the forest.
Gold coins to rest my soup cauldron
Let's have a look-see.

Black coach
Covered up windows
Your woman
Drugged and asleep on your shoulder
You didn't need that horse.
A rope for justice
Crimes in the Badlands
Appropriately named
Just below the boss's property
Justice comes by
Slinger in most stories.

Yippee Koi Yay.

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