Sunday, 22 April 2012

Death in The Family; A Poem For Xing Over

A Poem For Xing Over

Gone is one prize fighting Uncle
Last night

Funny my family always dies in April
A month to short
The weeks not quite adding up right
A relief to have made it through
The dark and so cold winter.

Really, it's a beautiful day
Outside some bird has an unfamiliar sound
Like an alarm that will not shut of
Vigil for our nature family
I feel like some tough seed grass
Out fishing hours in the bush
On lakes of glass.

Happy Crossing Uncle
May your journey be well
Those beautiful blue-eyed women are waiting for you there
I have it on good authority that the party was fabulous.

The Kid.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Poem For A Fiery Friday Night

Poem For A Fiery Friday Night

A girlfriend
Check out love at the library
In the fiction isle
It's swaggy
Like Boy-Bieber.

Drag out the embers
Check out
The red
Its charred and coals and warm.
Life's best

A goal for fire
A pursuit divination
You can feel it

Ain't nothing wrong with passion
And Dive in
Feel the weight of the blankets
A great sleep
A beautiful morning light.

We configure
Just the impossible way
To get there
A pathway
Very simple
Now the mother of invention
The beauty of being mortal
The eventuality of getting old

For Freedom of Our Words

For Freedom of Our Words

Freedom of words,
Yes (yeah) I see your imposition
That a poem may inspire; funny really.

A book too
Of recovery
The path to resolution
A fictional imaginary solution to that which impedes
All families included.

So ask me what we do
Eminent persons, funny relatively speaking
Your Honorable.

This is a doctrine
For Freedom of Expression
For Free Speech and the Evolution of Culture
The Right to Commerce and Inclusion
For Education
For Equality
An Up-grade in Ethics
For Political Opinion
Representation of Nation and Gender and Ability and Orientation
With Words.

The question of who propagates what
Can be answered by what people do
By what they say
By what problems they solve
By who they inspire to do better
By what message they send.

We can hear each other now.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Some Kind of Paper: Platforms for Development and The Rise of E-Commerce

Platforms for Development and The Rise of E-Commerce

Concerns are always being presented during times of change and uncertainty breeds apprehension and the inevitable demands of regulations to follow. The rise of the E landscape is not immune to such questioning as many interests groups wish to make their opinions known during stages of development.

As the enormously populated Internet culture grows and people increasingly meet each other I personally find a surprising amount of commonality and peace. There are fundamental human desires like equality and respect that are represented by every demographic. It has been said that only on the internet can you be a dog and have a voice and in my opinion that is a wonderful thing because animals really should speak.

To find business and commerce along the way is a bonus moment perhaps as our (often handsome) cybernet rockstars create new, less expensive and innovative ways to do business. This again equals the afor mentioned human desires of equality by means of accessibility, empowerment and respect.

Traditional business models have had somewhat good success rates on the Internet but maintain Old School images and purchasing methods. In truth some part of the actual human exchange must be maintained as the evolution of the digital age continues. This leads to portable devices and the beloved digital paper trails.

The question presented to me was how will the new age better breed sustainability and fiance. It is a beautiful and elegant exchange for “the baby sitter, the dog walker, the piano teacher.” Now ethical capitalism is desired by all on the market place but the method of exclusion and stat quo is removed by the empowerment of the individual. More commerce drives the economic wheels on all scales and off we go. Government must absolutely support this new means of commerce as each transaction is on record and therefor taxable.

Some Paragraph Poem: For The Kids

For The Kids

Well a Mini-pop version of Human Rights is now available for
Free Download for your teenager.

I tell you here that in truth
The teenagers wrote it themselves see
And to the best of their young-people knowledge
May know some things even better than ourselves
Because somewhere
Along the lines
We taught them what was actually proper
And the idea of possibility.

Tiny Poem: Swell Water

Swell Water

Up from under the grass knoll
Comes water
And it does Rise
The pressure forces

I do not know the physical calculation for water force
And swell
But it does, it is and it only grows.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Poem: Your Black Satin Jacket

Your Black Satin Jacket

I am going to make you a jacket.
It is black with gold threads
I will hand stitch it for you
Each stitch at a time.

I can't wait to see the pictures
That will appear
In the work
Up the sleeves
Across your back.

Perhaps dragons
And swirling clouds
I can stud the eyes for you
With large black shining crystals
And brocade the edge in some scallop.

The lining of course
Is heavy black satin
The kind beautiful magicians
Wear like your formulation
A clear design in space.

I help you put it on
It fits you like it should
And suits you
Even though you don;t think you're fancy at all.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Poem: Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

The blue main frame is still my favorite
How the currents rise and subside
Don't raise your nose in disgust my friend
There are more dimensions that count than just this.

Night and twinkle twinkle little satellite
I appreciate your prowess, your tigress your fight
But I sigh the same, balls out but I would like a breeze and a bird
Maybe something tasting of transcendental bo-heme-ia.
A cup of fancy, a drop of thank you.

It has been twenty years already. Half my life next month.
I am still the same but the stories on my desk have multiplied

As Promised: How To Love A Woman

How To Love A Woman

It's my turn, in step and without the powerhouse that you posses I use what I have
I told you I would show you 'how to love a woman'
And I'll try my best.

Perhaps knowledge was lost along the way, Like many cultures
Obliterated by more aggressive notions
Like spoiled and greedy immature children
The world became one of entitlement and gorging.

Or perhaps the situation never was; ask an old woman about love and she may tell a story of
Compromise and sacrifice in financial circumstances without alternative
A tolerance of things she endured for the children or a false front of societal pride.

A woman is first person
Like a man, or rather not unlike a man
And the quality of character is where love is found.
It is 'I can't live without you anymore'
And 'I need you' yes, beautifully said.
It is a kiss
And trust that like you she is desirable
And that is wonderful
And that you need not be jealous
For if She is also of quality the place beside her is taken by You.

That famous six minutes the old ladies lovingly joke about requires only
Consensual compatibility
And for those knowledgeable on such subjects
A tongue-in-cheek understatement.

I hope this will suffice for time being.
The days run quick and there is work outside to be created, imagined, practiced, delivered.
Believers will make up for times suffered, love is coming and the packing is F.I.N.E.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Poem: One Dark Rose

One Dark Rose

I have been -AWAY- I know
Out on some panic
From my desk
It felt like hard toffee in my
Brain gears
All my thoughts wiped out
Feelings too, rather ones of battle
Wars that are not all my own, subjects best left for others.

It's a creep in the yard
The world a little more than a bit murky
And the man wants my opinion
Okay but why now after twenty-thousand rejections
I may have to commit to one year or two
But it could be worse
I can speak up for us
After all the flavor needs changing.

The dark rose itself
Sits alone
The last velvet petaled one I have
Its colour near black
Surrounded by blowing trash and shopping carts
I guarantee its authenticity
For nothing of its sort could grow otherwise
Sister says glass-scry
I see in the black reflection now
I see my own skeleton with blowing hair.

I hope for some logical conclusion
To the strangest episode ever written
The spangled series
Wrapped in flags
And questions
And the fun of mystery that frightens some so much.

Harbor the deep red pulse, boom-boom
Deepen the waters full mysterious, no shallow ends.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

You Need A Hobby: The Disconnect of Self and Environment in The Industrial Age @square

You Need A Hobby: The Disconnect of Self and Environment in The Industrial Age

This is not a new idea among artists. Having been part of a group of lateral thinking artists at one point in time I believe this idea was raised and talked about. It is a common idea among artists as they make most things as opposed to buying everything.

At one time people made everything around them. If they could not make something trade was available by the local specialist ie. Blacksmithy. For the most part every person in the village could make something and did as their contribution. This was not only a means of pride but necessary to survival.

With the onslaught of the industrial age this element of contribution and skill set was removed from the human hands and household. For some complex modern products the production will never be limited to one set of hands. (For most of us anyway- see supergenius) The automobile, the cellular phone for example. Most of us would never possess the ability or desire to make such a object. And considering the time involved, we would face starvation in the process.

I was asked to sign up with a new website that was about objects that you own and what people had in common by means of co-relation. As it turned out I owned almost all original or handmade items. The digital products I have are not fancy but utilitarian. I joined because I like pioneer ideas and the people who created this one but for myself I could not share.

Let's return to the idea of the home environment. It is a human need to feel pride in one's surroundings. Perhaps the re-discovery of making things with your hands is, for any reason at all, one of self-esteem. You say, I don't know how to make anything. You may add, I have no talent. Both statements are untrue. I say this because making things has become a lost art. It has been removed from human hands and increasingly so over the last few generations. I recommend heading to the craft store or taking a course with one of the last standing artisans in your community. You need a hobby and there is always the community market on Saturday.