Monday, 19 March 2012

Re-born Zombies & Dark Machine

Re-born Zombies & Dark Machine

For those born at the base of the volcano.

There is poetry in the Morbid,
Dark kleider, black hosen my liebling, mein schatz,
And arguably too; there is light.
We can define it in part
Division by night
That which permits 
Silver moonbeams to streak our sky
I send these to you.

I've been thinking a long time about that dirty machine.
It goes in the food
Consumes and destroys.
The greasy pride of our culture
Sell more
Enslave the tiny
While their fingers are still nimble
Make pretty dresses for ruffled children.
Same story
Long time now.

Oh novelty!
It is gone.
Purchased excitements
Dissolve 5X faster
Than ever before.
Our emotions are thirty percent more
Delivery available 
Act now.
Fleeting at best
Nothing at all
Most of the time.

It is a dirty machine; a shameful machine
With stale invented values
The way we print money
Or create mountains of waste
Hidden away
Like the endless glass bottles of an alcoholic.


Preachin' To the Choir

Our culture is a bleeding pool
Flogging along
Of no consequence
Please; revalue
Then click 'verdict'.

Candid creatures of the night
Seduce until taboo completely burns out.
Border lines crossed without passport
Long ago Chomsky forewarned
About imminent peril
Ants tossed at sea
Existential remnants of designer jeans
Goethe's gothic hands claw at the sky
A virtual eternity.

Sunshine preachers, rise from the dead!
Our leaders no longer bathe in compromise
Our chorus sings when happy.

And if the bottom falls
Of the wet ice-cream carton?
Do you rediscover life back in kindergarten
Quantify joy in the colour blue
Be thankful for the love we have
Or something to eat.

The gummy sutures that make trails on my arms will heal without infection
The black raccoon eyes that frighten you will fade
Our waters have time to recover.



Minus the chemicals from our meat please
Polluted children
Idle, slapping their own heads
Intestinal leaking mass.
Profit the cows
Grow fastest
Consider the disappearing males (nothing).

I watch friends slide
Into greed like tar pits
Devoured by it
All things human dissipated
One-eyed monster
Locked in focus
Sparing nothing
A totally clear-cut thing.

I would love to have coffee hon
But the boss runs late and
My cubical
Is shrinking
My personalized plastic wrap
Time's up.


So Let's Dance, The Last Dance

In an instant
Wipe it away
All conjured images
Brush the scales from your eyes!
So that at once
The retina readjusts
Your blurred images are in focus
Light is soft
Beautiful again.

This pallor
Takes on form;
A slinking panther
Its prehistoric twin
A type font animal
Swims deep below us in the cold underworld water.

When your stuff is done
And mine is too
We will meet in a Grand Hall
Where we recognize each other's soul on sight
In some great cloud
Created by us
On an island once imagined
But forgotten about.

So let's dance this last dance
I just assume
You can hear the music
I play for you now.

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