Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Poem: Forty Daze In The Desert

Forty Daze In The Desert

I took that long journey
Out to the desert
Spike fallace
Rhymes with palace
To the rocks and the sand and the sky(lab).

I need to face Myself
Strike a deal with God
Higher-self, Omnipresent Energy, Faith Creator
The eye of Raven
Shaking rattle of Cocopah.

Stop the train!
Just one minute alone
With you
Just one minute please
And then we can return to work.

I stand in the sun
One-armed man I'll find you
Look up
Look around
Oblivaceous Cormorant spots snake
Drops from sky
A snack it thinks
More please it says.

Locals tell rumors of a villain
Spinning eyes
Habitat: Cave
With a thousand enslaved dogs
And a blimp for fast escape.

Blimps are used when people know they are doing wrong.
Caves are used when people try to fly to the sun.

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