Sunday, 25 March 2012

Poem: AVO Blow The Whistle

Blow The Whistle

A Veritable Orgy.

Any first year Concordia C student could tell you how its done.
If only the trains would stop hollering
But they have to blow the whistle.

My dad's ghost is around
My grandmother too if you can figure that
My head is insisting
Logic prevails.

Hoses bust in the basement again
Here is your phenomena:
The picture says jump from the bridge
The dialogue does not match the lips
30 to 40 seconds
Is all it takes
And a nasty story becomes
A cold sore
A perpetual vision of shadow.

It be LIES
My family
A gossiping child
A pathological narcissist
With a negative attention span.

I don't mind the ghosts
They push me harder maybe
Rest up
To find the truth
That is already unopposed
In our hearts.

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