Friday, 23 March 2012

Essay Question: Just For Laughs re: R U Psychic

Just For Laughs re: R U Psychic

Sit down on a bench today and look around. With your feet on the ground enjoy the terra firma
and just have a chuckle to yourself. This is grounding and good for you too. Now think; am I psychic?

Psychic is not some hoobie-goobie mess of floating object and layers of ghosts from the Otherside. Not for most anyway.

It is however an interpretation of symbols in the world, inside our minds and out.

Many examples of practical physic ability can be noted such as art, story telling, business, religion and everyday life. The symbol becomes a multilevel subtext of conversation which is simultaneously the actual surface conversation and a different layer of meaning. Some clever people will have even a third or more by the use of shared symbols. For example your friend and yourself have a memory about say 'bats' and when either of you mention 'bats' it refers to something else. This is a.k.a pretension but for a positive point here I will not continue on that topic. 

There is also an imagining from the mind that is spontaneous, internal and direct from the subconscious. Where these ideas come from may be explained in several ways; most not so mysterious. I think at this point in human evolution that almost everyone uses this part of their mind everyday especially as we become more literate in visual and written communication. The prophesied Age of Aquarius may not really be that far off and will not be the end of the world if people can keep a handle on things.
What is really important:
  1. Keep a positive frame of thinking. And in my opinion this is more important than you think. Why? Is because once your mind is open to interpreting symbols in the world there are a lot of very negative ideas that can make you feel terrible. Fear and sharing negative ideas carry on like a chain and then influence more people. Stay positive and happy. Know what is right to yourself and for others and share that idea instead.
  2. Stay Grounded. For most people the reading of subtext will not include The Otherside so just read the message. Is it positive? Does it reflect the way YOU think? Is it funny? Or maybe the message is not so nice so it stops where you found it. And lastly: Does it really matter?
  3. If In Doubt, Don't Go There. People will not always be 'in the mood' for anything but the printed, concrete surface idea. If you can't understand what a message means to you then leave it for another time. You might just be in a bad mood. Miscommunications are unavoidable so if you don't understand come back to it later or alternately; leave it alone. No point taking offense over a message you may be wrong about. You can lose friends that way.

Here for those who venture out into their Mindscape everyday I would like to propose a concept: Find your shadow, where ever it is in the room and mentally shred it. Shred it into a million pieces until it dissolves and only you remain. Sure it is still there. Wave 'hello'. But you might feel good about it and you can always do it again. XOXO. C.

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  1. Please Note: If you are living a nightmare of terrible voices or something please tell your doctor. Thanks!