Saturday, 3 March 2012

Poem: They Just Keep Comin'

They Just Keep Comin'

Clack Clack Clack
The Trains
Just keep comin'
Mr. King
Can you hear me now?
The riddle is a red line
Out logic-ed your
Nightmare train
Oh it's a trick
Phantom Dj's misinform
It is in the very script.

Can't really be that bad
Our nature
Wants to play
(see exception to rule 101)
Our government
A massive money-management company
Death and taxes.

The train of mass hysteria
Rolls through
Blasting whistles
It's on the way
“Storm approaching” it says.

Oh its a tricky slide
of hand
The shell game arrives
At any time
Things LOOK
Kind-of all the same.
That feeling
Like 'oh no'
Frost flowers exploding
Release bromine
Destroying atmosphere.

And you are correct
If you feel that way
You are correct
This is no illusion.

It will be dark for a while
The only way to catch a thief.

If you feel
This is shaking your
A little too much
Take shelter
Stand far away from the tracks
Trust in something
Pray for the sun to rise
The next morning
It is Passover, baby
The Angels have arrived.

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