Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Poem: Between You and Me CENSORED VERSION

Between You and Me Early 9:35am

From me then,
Just me
Not the world
No assignment to Universal translation.

Iambic pentameter Romeo
You flex your massive muscles
This is Venice beach
And I hang from your very arm.

You ask me about rock stars
I say, and What would I do with that?
Lasting only til morning
The brilliant only speaking one language.

Didn't you know I was clamped down
Strapped to a gurney
Injected for treasox
The skin on my face peeling off
Just having clean water a challenge
In first world
What the hell
'You can find a job' you said
I couldn't even find a door.

But I returned
My curiosity
Magnetized to fate
Guilted into contributing
Stop the freakin fights!

I don't give a damn about the past
It is just not the point
A lawsuit for damages
An unjust egg-beating of young brains
So much for investments.

They're writing songs of love- but not for me.
A lucky star's above- but not for me.”

So get jealous if you want
Be a tyrant
I'll love you anyway
Prepare for countermeasures
Because your implication is not very nice.
Yes it is our killer future
I'll support the sport of it
Because I trust your fabric.
a million dollars

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