Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Love Poem For Jack (Some Guy)

Love Poem For Jack

This is a love poem for some guy named Jack.
Man! He's a brawler.
Deep exhale
I get all spun up just thinkin' on it.

You should see him tear down the highway all rebel-like in his black leather jacket
He rips up the punks like a preacher on Sunday
Takes out the poison with his lips
And spits it in the dirt.

All the girls are just dyin'!
He can barely keep'em off his arm
Universe size magnetron dines where he likes.
Don't tell my dad I'm crushin' he'd send me to my room for sure!

You should see this guy named Jack
He'll make stories into legends and girls into woman
Man! What a Baller
The G's got it all going on.

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