Thursday, 1 March 2012

Poem: Graffiti Murals on The Subway

Graffiti Murals on The Subway

I take the subway
Carefully go down the gray shiny staircase
Listen for music
Off the walls man.

I feel my hair lift
Remember why I don't usually wear skirts
I picture a child here and there
Where there are none.

A can of coke on the side of the pathway
Knocked over by a bench
I feel bad someone's left it there
But I won't pick it up myself.

There needs to be art here
A midnight landscape of foaming seas
With spiritually Native things rolling out of it.
And more things for no reason
Painted across the builders blocks.

I am not stuck here
With an architect or a librarian
They come go quickly.

In small spaces there are pieces of writing
Jammed in cracks
'Maria please, I love you.'
'Call me Bo, Az 8473727491'

There is graffiti art on the subway
The artists 
Are fantastic
For I arrive at my destination in no time at all.
Real enough for time's sake
There is no disproving that.

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