Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Some Kind of Paper: Platforms for Development and The Rise of E-Commerce

Platforms for Development and The Rise of E-Commerce

Concerns are always being presented during times of change and uncertainty breeds apprehension and the inevitable demands of regulations to follow. The rise of the E landscape is not immune to such questioning as many interests groups wish to make their opinions known during stages of development.

As the enormously populated Internet culture grows and people increasingly meet each other I personally find a surprising amount of commonality and peace. There are fundamental human desires like equality and respect that are represented by every demographic. It has been said that only on the internet can you be a dog and have a voice and in my opinion that is a wonderful thing because animals really should speak.

To find business and commerce along the way is a bonus moment perhaps as our (often handsome) cybernet rockstars create new, less expensive and innovative ways to do business. This again equals the afor mentioned human desires of equality by means of accessibility, empowerment and respect.

Traditional business models have had somewhat good success rates on the Internet but maintain Old School images and purchasing methods. In truth some part of the actual human exchange must be maintained as the evolution of the digital age continues. This leads to portable devices and the beloved digital paper trails.

The question presented to me was how will the new age better breed sustainability and fiance. It is a beautiful and elegant exchange for “the baby sitter, the dog walker, the piano teacher.” Now ethical capitalism is desired by all on the market place but the method of exclusion and stat quo is removed by the empowerment of the individual. More commerce drives the economic wheels on all scales and off we go. Government must absolutely support this new means of commerce as each transaction is on record and therefor taxable.

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