Monday, 9 April 2012

Poem: One Dark Rose

One Dark Rose

I have been -AWAY- I know
Out on some panic
From my desk
It felt like hard toffee in my
Brain gears
All my thoughts wiped out
Feelings too, rather ones of battle
Wars that are not all my own, subjects best left for others.

It's a creep in the yard
The world a little more than a bit murky
And the man wants my opinion
Okay but why now after twenty-thousand rejections
I may have to commit to one year or two
But it could be worse
I can speak up for us
After all the flavor needs changing.

The dark rose itself
Sits alone
The last velvet petaled one I have
Its colour near black
Surrounded by blowing trash and shopping carts
I guarantee its authenticity
For nothing of its sort could grow otherwise
Sister says glass-scry
I see in the black reflection now
I see my own skeleton with blowing hair.

I hope for some logical conclusion
To the strangest episode ever written
The spangled series
Wrapped in flags
And questions
And the fun of mystery that frightens some so much.

Harbor the deep red pulse, boom-boom
Deepen the waters full mysterious, no shallow ends.

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