Tuesday, 10 April 2012

As Promised: How To Love A Woman

How To Love A Woman

It's my turn, in step and without the powerhouse that you posses I use what I have
I told you I would show you 'how to love a woman'
And I'll try my best.

Perhaps knowledge was lost along the way, Like many cultures
Obliterated by more aggressive notions
Like spoiled and greedy immature children
The world became one of entitlement and gorging.

Or perhaps the situation never was; ask an old woman about love and she may tell a story of
Compromise and sacrifice in financial circumstances without alternative
A tolerance of things she endured for the children or a false front of societal pride.

A woman is first person
Like a man, or rather not unlike a man
And the quality of character is where love is found.
It is 'I can't live without you anymore'
And 'I need you' yes, beautifully said.
It is a kiss
And trust that like you she is desirable
And that is wonderful
And that you need not be jealous
For if She is also of quality the place beside her is taken by You.

That famous six minutes the old ladies lovingly joke about requires only
Consensual compatibility
And for those knowledgeable on such subjects
A tongue-in-cheek understatement.

I hope this will suffice for time being.
The days run quick and there is work outside to be created, imagined, practiced, delivered.
Believers will make up for times suffered, love is coming and the packing is F.I.N.E.

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