Friday, 20 April 2012

For Freedom of Our Words

For Freedom of Our Words

Freedom of words,
Yes (yeah) I see your imposition
That a poem may inspire; funny really.

A book too
Of recovery
The path to resolution
A fictional imaginary solution to that which impedes
All families included.

So ask me what we do
Eminent persons, funny relatively speaking
Your Honorable.

This is a doctrine
For Freedom of Expression
For Free Speech and the Evolution of Culture
The Right to Commerce and Inclusion
For Education
For Equality
An Up-grade in Ethics
For Political Opinion
Representation of Nation and Gender and Ability and Orientation
With Words.

The question of who propagates what
Can be answered by what people do
By what they say
By what problems they solve
By who they inspire to do better
By what message they send.

We can hear each other now.

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