Friday, 4 May 2012

Poem: Two Paragraphs Short A Stack

Two Paragraphs Short A Stack

She was dreaming
Some forbidden flavor of rock and roll dream
Awoke at 1:30am time zones roll back the closer you get
To the west
And like this movie she saw
Two boys in ball caps broke
Into the subconscious
The dream police even
Said 'hey about your faMily'
Held out
Broken cell phone.

Strange that her email
The next morning 
Read the same text
Like people miles and miles away could know
When she woke and what was happening.

Stranger still that the movie
Concept would be the same premise
Of new friends
Of actors
The same story line, a humorous doppelganger cast.

Dare dream again, said she
Two paragraphs short a stack
Two bricks short a mentionable tale.

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