Thursday, 3 May 2012

Poem: Rock, Paper, Dynamite

 Rock, Paper, Dynamite

So much crying lately
I spent most of Tuesday
Blowing my nose
Funeral on Friday
Upset everybody.

The human aspect is kind of a mess
Cop-out sexuality
Without investment
The fast-food of the soul
Death by cancer
People who never smoked
Every day now 'so-and-so has (whisper) cancer' 'What kind?'

Myself split into four or more worlds
Sometimes all going off at once
My playing cards are tired
And refuse to perform at the moment
Divided we fall.

I am going to play the human race card
The race for human
Try to rule out complexity with logic
Try to not melt the chocolate in the window sill
Not to help that bloody heart.

What I want is so simple
How to get there is an infinite maze of candor
A mathematical horror movie
The line of logic more like
A tube of paint
Under pressure.

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